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The establishment of the Union among our Churches is based upon christian principles embracing discipline, government and organization, and to encourage among our brethren, industry, self-reliance, general improvement, and spiritual principles.


In Sympathy


We are saddened to inform all Association members that Rev. Dr. Haywood T. Gray has passed away.  Dr. Gray served the General Baptist State Convention as Executive Secretary Treasurer for 14 years.  Please keep the Gray family in your thoughts and prayers.  And let us give God praise for gifting us with this dedicated and faithful servant.  Memorial services are being held on April 23, 2019 in Raleigh.  Further information can be found on the GBSC website (gbsconline.org) and at the Steven L. Lyons Funeral home website.

Full-time Musician, or Minister of Music

Second Missionary Baptist Church, 522 Old Wilmington Road, Fayetteville, NC is searching for a full-time Musician, or Minister of Music; one who is familiar with traditional and non-traditional gospel music; fluent in church musical instruments; and has experience directing, coordinating, and managing all choirs within the Church.  Our Music Ministry consist of three (3) choirs; a Mass Choir, a Youth Choir, and a Male Chorus.

Interested persons should contact: Dec. Wilford Saunders @ 910-964-7690 or Dec. Wilbur Walker @ 910-476-3166. 

Be Blessed……..


Missional Partnerships for Regional Impact

We are proud of the name Union  Missionary Baptist Association,

which serves God and our fellow men under its name.

We have several Auxiliaries that help us serve our members efficiently


This auxiliary provides an opportunity for churches in the UMBA to get together quarterly for education, training and fellowship. The meetings are held on the last weekend, in months that have five (5) Sundays. All auxiliaries meet at a host location, for this purpose. We all benefit from this shared experience of our churches.


This auxiliary’s purpose is dedicated to engaging men in the service of our Lord. The laymen work in their respective churches to serve those in need in our communities and to evangelize those who don’t know Jesus Christ. These activities are open to women and children as well. We also have fellowship activities to draw all men closer to God, and to encourage the spiritual growth of young men. Every male church member is a “layman”, and we invite all men to join us in this service.


Building up the Body of Christ through teaching the Word of God. This auxiliary responds to that part of the Great Commission which states, “teach all nations.” Workshops and classes are provided to adults and youth at both the Union of Union meetings and the Mid-Annual and Annual Sessions of the UMBA. Education days are also held for the purposes of teaching and training all members in subjects that are relevant to our Christian growth and life.


The Women’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Auxiliary to the UMBA supports the objectives of the WBH&FM Convention auxiliary to the General Baptist State Convention of NC, serving churches in a five (5) county area: Bladen, Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, Sampson. Meetings are quarterly in December, March, June and September. There are three departments: Senior Adults, Young Adults and Youth. Serving under the Theme: Committed to Christ, Commissioned for Missions (Acts 1:8); Reaching the Masses (Matthew 28:19-20)


This auxiliary provides teaching, training and support to pastors and ministers within our Association. The PMC helps all ministers develop their skills as well as assisting pastors in their areas of need. In addition, they provide opportunity for fellowship between pastors and ministers in the various churches.


We are called by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be door keepers in the house of the Lord. Our mission is to provide support to all Ushers Ministries in the Union of Union and Missionary Baptist Association. The DUU staff members are humble door keepers in the house of the Lord. Ushers serve with reverence, distinction and pride.

We Support

Shaw University

We continue to support Shaw University. Many pastors in general baptist pulpits received their theological training through Shaw Divinity School.


Click below and read more about this historic institution.


To support the objective of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc.

“Thank you for entrusting me with leading this great Association.  Union has a great heritage and it is important that we build upon the foundation that has been laid.”
Rev. Terence Z. McCrimmon