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About UMBA


The Negroes of Robeson County, Cumberland County, and Bladen County organized Sunday schools using the Blue-Back Speller for their Sunday School books. Later local churches were organized. Houses of worship were built. These churches increased rapidly in membership. Later these churches decided to organize themselves into an association, and with the aid of the White Gray’s Creek Association was organized with the name of Colored Gray’s Creek Association.

The Association grew steadily from 1884 till 1929 with an increased membership of 5,000.

The next meeting of the first branch of the Gray’s Creek Association met with Pleasant Grove Church, St. Pauls, NC. The committee on name for the new association brought in their report. Chairman Boon reported Union because of strength, which was adopted. We are proud of the name Baptist Union Association, which serve God and our fellowmen under its name. Later the name was adopted to be Union Missionary Baptist Association.

The preamble to the constitution of the Union Baptist Association:

Whereas, the people of God are commanded to strive together, in Union, to continue the work of Christ.

The Missionary Baptists of this section of North Carolina agree to form themselves into Association for mutual help, having in view the following:

1. The establishment of the Union among our Churches upon christian principles embracing discipline, government and organization and to encourage among our brethren, industry, self-reliance, general improvement, and spiritual principles.

2. To support the objective of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc.


Reverend Terence McCrimmon

2nd Vice Moderator

Rev. Obie Worley

1st Vice Moderator

Rev. Larry Simmons

2nd Vice Moderator

Mr. Joseph J. Johnson


Rev. Michael Smith


Dr. Beverly Spivey-Rivers

Executive Secretary

Sister Cassandra Johnson

Assistant Secretary

Mr. Zack Landis

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